Technē refurbish the iconic Hotel Esplanade in St Kilda

Pelle’s Nevada range of leather is the perfect choice in the newly refurbished Hotel Esplanade, aka The Espy, in St Kilda, Melbourne. Its aged, worn-in appearance complements the glory and grandeur of the historic venue, updated by Sand Hill Road and Technē Architecture + Interior Design. Opened in 1878, The Espy is a Victorian-era seaside […]

Brunetti by Technē Architecture + Interior Design

The 1950s and 1960s are recognised as a golden age in Italian design, when avant-garde designers reinvented objects and spaces with modern functionality and elegance. This era provided inspiration for the design of Brunetti by Technē Architecture + Interior Design. Drawing on modern Italian design and traditional materials, it features sleek forms, terrazzo surfaces and […]