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An order, when accepted, shall constitute that final agreement between the parties and contain all the relevant terms and conditions of this agreement.

Retention of Title

All goods remain the property of Pelle Leathers until paid in full.

Signature of a consignment note; delivery docket or similar document constitutes acceptance of the merchandise and the conditions under which they are supplied.


Orders are accepted by email or fax only. No verbal orders will be accepted.

Email: [email protected], Facsimile: +612 9460 6599

For indent orders a 50% deposit is required for order confirmation.

Final invoice value will vary marginally due to the leather being a natural product, i.e. the hide sizes available to accommodate the number of hides/m2 required. An overage will be included on the final invoice

Orders cannot be altered or changed once confirmed and dispatched from the tannery.


No returns are accepted for any indent orders.

Freight charges

Freight charges are applicable on all orders and will be quoted at time of order.


Pelle Leathers will endeavour to maintain prices in their current price list.

However, due to the numerous variables beyond Pelle Leathers control, prices are subject to change without notice.

Quoted prices shall be valid for one month only, unless otherwise agreed by Pelle Leathers in writing. A copy of the quote should be forwarded with your official purchase order to ensure agreed pricing is charged.


Availability of goods from our European suppliers is in accordance with the nominated days listed on our confirmation of order. “Working days” refers to Monday to Friday and public holidays are not considered working days. Delivery dates stated are subject to the availability of materials from our suppliers. Pelle Leathers will not be liable for any claim arising from failure to delivery or for delay in delivery occasioned by unavailability of materials, strikes, accidents or any cause or event beyond the reasonable control of the company.


Leather is a natural material; no hides are the same in appearance or size.

All hides will contain natural imperfections such as insect bites and healed scars.

It is recommended that an allowance for wastage, natural imperfections and varying hide sizes are calculated into the order quantity.

Reservation of Products

Pelle Leathers is happy to reserve stock where available for a period of 5 days. Unless on a special request, the hold will be terminated. To confirm any stock, an order must be placed.


All product displayed on this website are indicative only.

The materials displayed on this website including all editorial information, photographs, names, logos and trademarks are the property of Pelle Leathers and protected by copyright, trade mark and other intellectual property laws.

Colour matching

Due to the nature of the leather product, it is not always possible to obtain an exact colour match with sample representations or website images.

Pelle Leathers will try to ensure all colours are within a commercial tolerance as variations can occur between batches.


A warranty period of one year is applicable on all leather items.

The warranty excludes fair wear and tear and will be applicable to only faulty materials.

This warranty only applies to any defect arising from tanning deficiencies of the supplied leather.

Pelle Leathers reserves the right to decide whether any goods, the subject of this warranty, shall be repaired or replaced in part or in full

NB: Tanning and Finishing faults does not include naturally occurring marks and irregularities including, but not limited to: Scar marks, insect damage, dung marks, brands, skin disease marks and hair follicles. These features in fact are sought after, as they distinguish true natural leather from its imitators.

Pelle Leathers does not warranty the suitability or purpose of the goods purchased.