About Us
Caring about the environment, we are all responsible

At Pelle Leathers we are committed to giving you the most sustainably produced European leathers. The tanneries supplying to Pelle Leathers implement global best practice environmental standards to ensure the premium products you buy from us are produced responsibly.

Quality European rawhides are premium when the environment offers cooler climates, better grazing, no branding scars or barbed fences, producing hides with cleanest skins.

We expect the same environmental commitment of our partners.

In recent years we have partnered with Global GreenTag Pty Ltd to ensure our beautiful European leathers are rated with the best environmental credentials.

We are the only leather company in Australia and New Zealand to have eco-labelled leather, having achieved the Global GreenTag certification on four of our ranges;

Vienna, Savannah, Spectrum and Danube.

GreenTagTM is a unique, independent third party, sustainable product rating. This certification makes it easy to decide which eco-friendly products to use.

The GreenRate system uses detailed health, ecotoxicity and other whole of life assessments to rate our products for the GreenStar® and other rating schemes it is recognised by.

Specifiers and designers know a GreenTagTM certified range from Pelle Leathers is a product whose quality, health and environmental performance can be trusted.


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Environmentally responsible actions include:

Processing and chemical requirements are minimised through the sourcing of only the finest quality raw material.

Chemical use is further reduced by extended soaking and liming processes.

Streams and lakes are protected from nitrogen emissions and over-fertilisation by using nitrogen-free substances in the deliming stage.

All wastewater is cleaned in a biological treatment plant, recycled and reused.

No PCP, CADMIUM or AZO Col Dyes are used in the tanning process.

All dyes and pigments (finishes) are water-based and therefore solvent free.

Airborne emissions are reduced by using state-of-the-art application technology, which optimises the finishing process.

Regular inspections are conducted to ensure that quality and environmental standards are maintained always.

A commitment to recycling and waste minimisation in all daily operations.

Furthermore, 100% of the hides we source are of European origin, so there is limited transport distance to the tanneries. This helps conserve fuel costs and their related effect on the environment.

Our leathers are produced in ISO 14001 Certified European tanneries.