Franco Crea x Pelle Leathers’ Collaboration

We are excited to share that we have teamed up with leading furniture designer FrancoCrea to explore the beauty of Vienna leather upholstery.

FrancoCrea’s latest collections have been imagined in collaboration with Pelle Leathers resulting in a collection which perfectly unites the qualities of fine leather upholstery and exquisitely detailed furniture designs. Together the collection represents the art of simplicity, and FrancoCrea’s belief that each piece should work harmoniously in a space.

All FrancoCrea’s signature heirloom-quality pieces are available in our premium leather ensuring refined luxury that only gets better with time. Each piece in this collection is crafted with semi-aniline Vienna leather to evoke a sense of refined elegance. Having trained in interior architecture alongside furniture design, FrancoCrea is recognised for fusing the traditional with the sustainable to create pieces that are as beautiful as they are functional and sustainable.

The Mila armchair is a statement and a complement to any space. Created from premium materials and layered with superb hand-stitched quilting in Vienna in col: Stable, it’s as elegant as it is comfortable.

The Mila stool is designed to bring calmness and sophistication in any space. This elegant piece provides high levels of comfort and is perfect to relax with family and friends. Vienna in col: Liane.

The Mena armchair in Vienna in col: Schwartz provides a relaxing experience whilst adding a statement. Its premium multi-density foams with steel sprung suspension seat for ergonomic cushioning and hand-stitched diamond quilting makes for a comfortably beautiful experience.

Pelle Leathers’ Vienna is a full grain South German Semi Aniline leather that is evenly coloured and protected for high light fastness as well as durability. A premium leather that ages beautifully, Vienna is perfect for curtains, upholsteries, and wall panelling and is Green Tag Certified.

Pelle Leathers is the only leather company in Australia and New Zealand to have eco-labelled leather with Green Tag certification.

Pelle Leathers’ Vienna is available on all FrancoCrea products along with an array of premium timber finishes which can be customised to suit your space and vision.

For more information about Vienna leather, view the product on our website or contact your nearest Pelle Leathers representative.