A little bit country: Fino Vino by Studio Gram

You can take the restaurant out of the country, but you can’t take the country of the restaurant. That’s certainly the case for Fino Vino, the new urban outpost of Fino, one of Barossa Valley’s best-loved restaurants. Designed by Studio Gram, the interior of Fino Vino showcases restaurateurs David Swain and Sharon Romeo’s pride in South Australia with local-made furniture and fittings and earthy, rusty tones, including Pelle’s Toledo Schnapps on the banquette seats.

Fino Vino is located in a long and narrow venue, with a variety of seating that is intimate and communal. Studio Gram peeled back the layers of the building to expose the masonry walls and ceiling and left the shell intentionally raw and unfinished in places. In contrast, the new additions are extremely considered and beautifully detailed, bringing warmth and elegance to the robust shell.

Earthy colours evoke the vast South Australian desert, and are rendered in mixture of textures, from velvety and granular to glossy and smooth. Tan-coloured Toledo Schnapps leather is on the banquette seats and paired with burnt-orange velvet on the backrests. Toledo is a vacuum dried Aniline leather with a soft waxed surface. Produced on the finest European hides, it is alluring in both handle and appearance and is only enhanced with age and wear.

Tables and countertops are crafted from the striking Harlequin stone. Sourced from a quarry in the Flinders Ranges, its colour palette and grain pattern are suggestive of the South Australian landscape.

Studio Gram also turned to local designers for the details. Handmade and Found produced the ceramics, and joinery pulls and wall lamps are the work of Ebony Heidenrich. The seating is by Agostino & Brown, and the late Bridget Ohlsson’s still life artworks adorn the walls.

For more information about Toledo leather, view the product on our website or contact your nearest Pelle Leathers representative.